Year: 2011

Material: Acrilico

Size: 250 x 180 cm


Marzal’s rst work is a consequence of fear. In a child’s world, bedtime can be associated with a certain danger. That is a natural defense from the aware- ness that’s afraid to loose control. Sleep is the sanctuary of nightmares, monsters under the bed, burglars slipping through the window.. and in a certain way, of death. It is common to nd a cuddly toy (almost every time a teddy bear) used as a talisman by the child against those demons. The talisman is the bear cub, a faceless silhouette to express his condition of inanimate object, with empty contents of emotions ready to receive ours. The blue base of the frame gets darker and darker into a dominant black background : it represents the transition from day to night, from consciousness to sleep. Looking at this black background we notice a zebra print path: it represents the moving of the artist himself. At the beginning, the path is stable and straight, but as it enters the black background, the strong track gradually gets lighter and aerial, it goes wavy and looses consistence.. the same way we abandon our awareness to go to the unknown of unconsciousness when we fall asleep. This is a space full of possibilities, but also full of dangers. Moreover, a deaf person can’t be alerted by a noise to come back a state of awareness and to protect himself from a threat. A deaf person needs another stimulus. That’s why, in the course of the night, the striped lasso is maintained attached to the teddy bear that rises while it remains hanging in the air. If anything happens, the fall of the teddy bear, its touché, will be the necessary stimulation to alert his owner