Year: 2015

Material: Oil, Acrylic, Cake , Carbon, Felt-tip Pen and India Ink

Size: 150 x 120 cm


His heart stopped and his life with it. It has been devastating and quick… But not quick enough to avoid the zebra to enter in the realization of a painless game, sealing it so that all the hope and the love that live in it don’t escape.

A free soul that used to y between his native Russia and the Valencia of his rst love. It’s reasonable to believe his heart wanted to stay here, in our Valencia… in his Valencia.

The canvas on which it lie should had been painted for the 4th of April 2015, however a visit of Andrey and his love, Alexandra, in order to surprise their friend, prevented him to end his work. And that’s what their final moment toge- ther demonstrate.

This painting is for Andrey…This work, it’s you my friend. To my “Valenciano of heart

His seal cap